The Century Resonates Now!


PART 1 - INFANCY (1911 - 1936)

   Composers in the Netherlands had no copyright protection; their work could be performed by orchestras without them being

    paid. In addition, the American inventor Edison had succeeded to capture sound, and thus music also, with his Phonograph.

    Wax-cylinders and Gramophone records soon conquered the world.

    In 1911 the GeNeCo was born, followed two years later by copyright organisation BUMA/STEMRA. Prominent founders

    were the composers Bernard Zweers, Johan Wagenaar, Peter van Anrooy, Dirk Schäfer and initiator Jan van Gilse.

    In "Infancy" the relative silence of the turn-of-the-century makes place for a time with cars, airplanes and mechanical music

    outside the concert hall. The music of Bernard Zweers (1854-1924) forms a unit with works by the contemporary composers

    Geert Schoonbeek-de Vlaming, Bianca Holst and Hero Wouters.

    Van Gilse, Van Anrooy and Wagenaar talk about their first steps as a composer.


    In the 1930s a new medium blossomed: the radio. The Netherlands were under the spell of programs full of

    philosophy, news and above all: music. But the times were dark- soon the German armies flooded the country,

    with as a sole remaining beacon Radio Oranje in London.

    Jan van Gilse was a fierce opponent of national socialism. The price he had to pay for it was high: his two sons

    died in the resistance-movement, and he himself died in a hiding-place, to be buried under a different name. In

    this second part, Van Gilse’s "liberty-opera" "Tijl", completed in 1940, plays a central role, supplemented with

    music by Peter van Anrooy and Hero Wouters.

    After the war we see an Americans invasion, with their Kodachrome, their Technicolor and their exciting music:

    swing, cool jazz, rock'n roll. Where one half of the Netherlands stuck to Van Anrooy's "Piet Hein Rhapsody",

    the other half went for the new sounds. In 1957, the year in which the artificial satellite "Sputnik" sent it’s

    hesitating beeps towards Earth, in the Philips

    NatLab the first studio for electronic music

    on Dutch soil came into being.


100 years100_jaar.html

    On the occasion of the centenary of the Dutch Composers Association (GeNeCo) there were a number of events during

    the year 2011. Under the direction of composer Bianca Holst the COM participated with the project "De Eeuw Klinkt Nu!" that

    consisted of a listening route, concerts and music presentations. In 2013 we added unique images to her composition for the listening route,        

    thus creating a movie with a lenght of 50 minutes.


     The Century Resonates Now!

       is a personal view of two composers and filmmakers looking back on the fascinating history of

       music-making during the last century. Although they took the founding of the Dutch Composers

       Association as a starting point, the story of the technical innovations that changed music is not just

       a Dutch story at all- it's worldwide.

       More about the history of the GeNeCo & the developing soundtechniques you can find here.

NAME: Genootschap van Nederlandse Componisten, or GeNeCo

SINCE: 1911

GOAL: promoting the interests of composers

HOW: Founding BUMA, support fund, music-promotion, lobbying

WHY: because composers are still underpaid (or not at all)

  PART 3 - SPACE (1962 - 1986)


    The time of changes, from the obsolete social groups (socialism, Protestantism,

    Catholicism) to the liberation of Eastern ways of life & psychedelics, of going to France by car and to the moon by Apollo. The time also of

    Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Neil Armstrong and the Viet Nam-war.

    Or, to put it closer to home: Provo, Womens Lib and the Action Nutcracker, all of this accompanied by the images of the new medium: television!

    In this third part one hears the revolt through the rousing rhythms of music group Track of music theatre-ensemble De Veenfabriek under the

    direction of Paul Koek, and the contemplative spaces in the work of Bianca Holst and the duo Steven Pietersma-Hero Wouters.

    From interviews with o. a. composer Leon Orthel the unique individuality of the composer steps forward.

PART 4 - THE WEB (1987 - 2011)

   In 1986, no one could foresee how our lives would change by the invention

    of the Personal Computer. In 1989 composer Michel Waisvisz designed

    "The Fingerweb", consisting of wires that influenced synthesizer sounds

    by playing them.

    A look ahead to the World Wide Web, that is “played” nowadays by every    

    computer-user, thus producing an immense lot of music ...

    Basis of part 4 form Bianca Holst’s recordings with the Fingerweb in the

    studio of STEIM, and one of her songs on a Groninger text of Derk Sibolt

    Hovinga sung by Eppe Bodde.

    The GeNeCo-founders will give their vision of the future. Their voices are

    echoing through time and their music attaches itself to the threads of the web.


   “The Century Resonates Now!" had a preliminary viewing on november 11, 2012 at contemporary-music-festival November Music in

     Den Bosch (the final version was completed march 2013).

    The Century Resonates Now!

    is a virtual collaboration of composers dead and alive. Topic is the influence of the technical development during the last hundred

    years on composer and listener: from pure acoustical via gramophone, radio and television to computers and the web.

    Voices and music of the founders of GeNeCo (1911 - 2011) Jan van Gilse, Johan Wagenaar, Bernard Zweers, Peter van Anrooy a.o.

    can be heard in a new electro-acoustic composition by Bianca Holst, together with contributions of contemporary composers like

    Paul Koek and Geert Schoonbeek de Vlaming.

    The graphical computer-score of this 'symphony in 4 parts' is a vital part of the concept.

    “The Century Resonates Now!" is a movie of the COM Foundation in cooperation with GeNeCo, November Music, STEIM and Philips Research.

    Concept and composition: Bianca Holst.

    With cooperation of/thanks to:

    Peter van Anrooy, Jan van Gilse, Bianca Holst, Paul Koek & Track (De Veenfabriek), Steven Pietersma, Geert Schoonbeek de Vlaming,

    Johan Wagenaar and Bernard Zweers (compositions), Eppe Bodde (vocals), Anne La Berge (flute), Frank Baldé (STEIM Amsterdam),

    Arthur van der Drift and Ger van den Beuken (Muziek Centrum Nederland), the Nederlands Muziek Instituut, Jeff Hamburg, Ivo Bol en

    Huguette Mackay (GeNeCo), Hendrik Wouters (Vrij Ontwerp NL) and Alberik Wouters (Paprika Media) (HD-conversion), Johan van Rooy

    (Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid), Johan Kolsteeg and Cor Witbraad (additional documentation), InVision (subtitles), Hero Wouters (research,

    technique, editing)

    The film-score was created as a jubilee-composition for GeNeCo. Mixed-in are fragments from radio-interviews with the composers Jan van Gilse,

    Peter van Anrooy, Johan Wagenaar and Leon Orthel, and of radio-documentaries by AVRO and TELEAC/NOT dedicated to Bernard Zweers,

    Johan Wagenaar, Peter van Anrooy and Dirk Schäfer. Our greatest gratitude goes to the Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid.

    And a lot of specal thanks ofcourse to our sponsors Philips Research, STEIM and November Music!

Who is this composer?

This person, looking for silence to tune into?

This person, listening to be heard?

Who is this composer?

Logic-score before and after modification


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Op ‘t Wad from part 4


The "Century was broadcasted by internet-station Cultura24 in november 2013, this in a special thematic week around Dutch composing and music-festival November Music. A link to the Cultura-program-page:

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